Make the web green.

The internet is a great thing. It is also the biggest machine on earth, and it runs mostly on coal, which is bad news for our climate.

While we might not be able to stop using the web, we can change how we build and power it, to make it planet friendly as well as user friendly.

The planet friendly web guide is an open source, freely available guide, combining an easy-to-understand mental model to help you think through what you can do and why, with focussed guides showing how you can make these changes, drawing on techniques from fields ranging from service design, user experience, web performance optimisation, and technical architecture.

You can start at the beginning, or jump straight to the main sections below, or see the full table of contents.

Your Packets

Energy used to get data from your servers to your users.

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Your Platform

Energy you use powering servers you control, to build and run the digital products you make.

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Your Process

Energy use built into the way your organisation is set up to deliver digital products to your users.

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All the content in the Planet Friendly Web Guide is available under the Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 4.0 license, and the source code for this site, and all the text is freely avaiable on Github.
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